Frequently Asked Questions

Are the vocals royalty-free?

Yes, all of our vocals are royalty free (also known as non-exclusive) which means that anyone can buy them and use in their releases without infringing anyones rights.

Is the instrumental included?

The track behind the vocals is not included in the purchase.

Do I have to credit the artist/vocalist?

No, you shall not credit the vocalist/artist when using their vocals.

Is the vocals full toplines or only vocal samples?

All of our vocals are full toplines unless it is mentioned specifically to be a vocal sample.

What's included in a vocal purchase?

Once a vocal is purchased you’ll be able to download the stem file. The stem file consists of min 1x WET vocal (pre-mixed), min 1-3x DRY vocal takes and a Lyrics PDF. In some cases there might be extra vocal takes such as adlibs and harmonies if applicable.

Do you offer a refund?
You can read about our refund policy here. But in short terms, we offer refunds if the cause of the refund is due to technical defects.
What payment options do you have?

You can pay through either credit card or Paypal. Your data will be handled confidentially and encrypted through SSL (Secure-Socket-Layer) which makes all of your data (such as name, adress, credit card etc..) secure from any third party.

What do I tell my label/distributor if they ask for vocal contracting?

Since all of our vocals are royalty free there is no need for any further permission to use the vocals since your purchase is the only needed confirmation that you can use the vocals provided in your music production.

I bought vocals from the old website that I can't access, what do I do?

Contact us at and we’ll help you with that!

I've got other questions, where can I contact the support?
Feel free to reach out to our support here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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