Refund Policy

In this section we’ll walk you through our refund policy.

Can I refund my purchase?

Since we work with digital products the refund policy is looking a bit different compared to a physical ecommerce. Digital products can not be guaranteed a refund by law.

Our policy works like this:
If the issue of your refund is due to an error from our part, this could be corrupt files or some other technical defect. We will either offer you a full refund or fix the files for you.
To be able to refund a purchase you’ll need to have proof that the files are corrupt/defect.

If the issue of the refund is due to some other reason, for example disliking of the product or if you just want your money back. Your refund request will be declined since we only refund purchases with a legit technical error/defect.

How do I issue a refund?
To issue a refund you can send an email over to us at info (at) and include the subject “Refund Request” + your order number.