Vocalsite Guidelines

In this guide you’ll learn what it means to be a vocalist at Vocalsite, some general terms and what we expect from you as a vocalist.

Vocalist qualifications

To become a vocalist at Vocalsite you’ll have to meet a few requirements. The reason we are so selective in our vocalist collection is because we value high quality over everything.

The qualifications to be considered for a vocalist role is:
– You use a studio microphone when recording the vocals and your singing holds a high standard.
– You’ve got moderate amount of studio/DAW knowledge to be able to export stems in the correct way (24bit Wav) and mix your WET vocals.
– You can write your own songs (partly optional, you can apply as a cover vocalist but we prefer original songwriting).

The submission review usually takes between 1-3 days for our team to look through. If no answer has been given after 3 days you can reach out to us at info@vocalsite.com.

Pricing of vocals

Since we are working with royalty free vocals only, the earnings per vocal will be lower than if it were to be sold exclusively.

Our pricing guidelines:
The average price for a vocal/product is between €24.99 and €39.99 but you are free to price your vocal higher or lower.
In the product submission you can specify your pricing but keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean higher earnings.
Observe that your vocals are not guaranteed to sell since vocal picking is highly subjective.


When you are a vocalist at Vocalsite and start selling products you’ll eventually reach the payout threshold of €50, once reached you can request a withdrawal of the earned money through your vocalist dashboard.

The vocalist themself are responsible for making eventual withdrawal requests. If a withdrawal request is made after the payout period they’ll have to wait until the next payout period (normally between 25th and 31st each month). Payouts are made through Paypal only. You’re limited to 1 withdrawal request per month.

Non-exclusive vs Exclusive vocals

On Vocalsite we offer both non-exclusive and exclusive vocals for our customers. All vocals are royalty free, which means that the buyer can earn 100% of the royalty earnings (both publishing and master royalties).

Non-exclusive vocals: A vocal that multiple people can buy, when the vocal is purchased the non-exclusive license is granted to the licensee (the buyer).

Exclusive vocals: A vocal that only 1 person/entity can buy, the exclusive license is bound to only one individual which makes it more unique, but also more expensive.

OBS. We do not sell exclusive vocals that has been uploaded to other sites before, since this go against the purpose of exclusiveness. If you’ve uploaded exclusive vocals on Vocalsite, the vocals can not be uploaded to other sites aswell.

Vocalist Terms

Once you’re approved as a vocalist you’ll be able to start submitting your products for selling.
In this section you’ll learn about the terms you agree on when submitting your products. Make sure to read the general terms & conditions aswell.

The terms you agree on when submitting your vocals/product:
– A revenue split of: 70% You (the vocalist) | 30% Vocalsite.
– Your vocals/product will and can be used in a royalty free purpose meaning anyone who’ve purchased the vocal/product can release and collect 100% of the royalties that their song generates.
– Your vocals can be used in marketing purposes for Vocalsites internal channels and/or sponsored content (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter etc..).
– You’ll submit vocal stems that meets the requirements (Minimum: 1x WET Vocals, 3+ DRY Vocal Takes in 24bit Wav, Lyrics PDF). All vocals must be recorded with a high quality, the stems shall be structured into dry and wet folders. We only sell full structured vocals.
– You’ll provide the necessary information regarding your vocal/product. This means “Title, Genre, BPM, Key, Gender” + any other information necessary for your vocals. 
– You’re the owner of the vocals provided.

When you submit a vocal/product for review we ask for a mp3 version of your vocals + instrumental. If you can’t provide a version with your vocal + instrumental, please reach out to us at info@vocalsite.com and we’ll help you with that.

*the revenue split is based on the net profit.

Ownership of Vocals

In short terms, the vocalist is and will always be the owner of the vocals.
Vocalsite is just a marketplace that helps vocalists reach out to new customers and make it possible for them to find you.

Since we only work with royalty free vocals each purchase is a license-purchase which means that the customer who bought your product has the right to produce music with the vocals and release them to any streaming platform whilst keeping 100% of the royalties. This goes for both non-exclusive vocals and exclusive vocals.

That’s how our royalty free vocals and ownership works, if you wish to read more about the license you can find that information here.

Selling vocals

We do not guarantee sales when a vocal is uploaded to the website. Vocalsite is simply a marketplace for vocalists to get heard, we do help you with marketing the products but you’ll always be the owner and seller of the vocals.

The vocals has to go through a quality control before they can be uploaded to the website, this is checked through our in-house editors. If a vocal doesn’t meet the requirements you’ll be informed why through the email provided in the product submission. The quality controll includes: stem and folder review, quality of recording, vocalist quality (how good the singer is) and lyric review.

We only sell full vocal structure songs, so a vocal topline has to include at minimum 2x verses + 2x choruses (this also applies to cover songs). If you submit a vocal sample only (for example, a hook or 1x verse + 1x hook) it’ll be declined.
We do not accept explicit vocals.

The vocals you upload are not guaranteed to be uploaded within the estimated approval period (1-3 days), this all depends on a various variation of reasons, for example: How many vocals you’ve uploaded the past week/month, how many vocals are in the genre you uploaded etc.
Bulk uploads by one vocalist are almost always postponed until there is more vocals in the vocal bank from other vocalists.

Do you want to apply as a vocalist?

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